Anne Sievers is the co-owner of Synergy Sports, Fitness coach, national team coach for Columbia Swim Club and the Head Swim Coach for West Broadway Swim Club. Anne’s career includes four years as the assistant swim coach at Mizzou and over fifteen years in the sports management, coaching and personal training fields. She has overseen, grown and developed multiple programs and facilities during that time all while coaching swimmers and athletes alike in various facets of their careers.

As a swimmer, Sievers was a ten-time All-American, five-time Big Ten Champion and named “Female Athlete of the Year” at the University of Michigan. She is the only athlete in Illinois Swimming history to be named “Illinois Swimmer of the Year” on four separate occasions. In the International level, Sievers represented the United States on multiple occasions on several national teams. She was a finalist at the US Olympic Trials in 1992 & 1996, narrowly missing the Olympic team in 1996.

Anne specializes in sports performance training for young athletes, personal training and coaching. She wants every individual, both young and adult, to achieve their goals by practicing more efficiently, optimizing each movement and training to the best of their abilities. She wants all of this while challenging each individual to reach their goals whatever they may be. Anne draws from her experiences working with some of the most elite coaches and athletes in the world. She has trained at the highest levels and coached others to become their best.

Anne has developed a sport performance program that is a sport-specific for competitive athletes in the sports of basketball, soccer, softball, swimming and volleyball. This program is designed differently and specifically for each sport that helps with endurance, speed, strength, balance, jumping, etc.

During the summer months, Anne is the head coach of the West Broadway Swim Club. She has taught swim lessons for twenty years in Columbia and St. Louis. Anne has taught hundreds of kids to swim in Columbia. She has helped others to advance their skills to the next level as competitive swimmers and even to go on to earn college scholarships. As a former USA national team swimmer and Mizzou swim coach, she has worked with all athletes at all levels.

Anne brings passion, drive, and desire to succeed to all areas. Anne’s goals are to help athletes perform at peak levels as well as to help fitness enthusiasts perform as athletes.