Synergy Sports offers various locations and types of swim lessons during the summer months.

Synegy Group Lessons - schedule below

Private/Small Group Lessons - email Anne to set up

Lessons in your neighborhood or at your pool  - call to set up 573-449-4111

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

This level will focus on getting swimmers comfortable in the water. Participants will be introduced kicking as well as assisted simultaneous arm and leg movements in the water. In this level swimmers will work on:

  • Safe water entry and exit
  • Submerge face and blow bubbles for 5 seconds/retrieve objects from under water
  • Front float 5 seconds
  • Back float 5 seconds
  • Rolling from front float to back float/back float to front float
  • Front and Back glides (learning streamlines)
  • Assisted swimming on front with arm and leg movements
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Jumping into the water


Level 2: Fundamental Water Skills

This level is designed to begin building upon the basic skills and start stroke development independently front and back. This level will focus on independence in the water. In this levels swimmers will work on:

  • Front float 30 seconds
  • Back float 30 seconds
  • Treading water
  • Streamline with kick on front and back
  • Kicking independently with a kickboard
  • Freestyle for 15 yards with close to horizontal body position
  • Learn breathing to the side on freestyle
  • Elementary backstroke for 15 yards
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Introduction to breaststroke arms
  • Underwater swimming
  • Jumping into the water independently


Level 3: Stroke Improvement

This level is to review freestyle and backstroke and introduce breaststroke and butterfly. In this level swimmers, will also learn open turns and begin the diving progression. In this level swimmers will work on:

  • Treading water using 2 different kicks for 1 minute
  • Freestyle with rotary breathing
  • Proficient elementary backstroke
  • Backstroke in a horizontal position
  • Breaststroke kick and timing with breaststroke arms
  • Dolphin kick
  • Sidestroke 15 yards
  • Open turns on front and back
  • Introduction of diving from sitting and kneeling position


Level 4: Stroke Refinement

This is our highest level of swim lessons. We will focus on butterfly and review the timing and refinement of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Swimmers will review open turns and learn flip turns as well as diving from the standing position. In this level swimmers will work on:

  • Treading water for 2 minutes
  • Freestyle with a flip turn for 50 yards
  • Backstroke for 50 yards
  • Breaststroke for 25 yards
  • Butterfly for 25 yards
  • 100 Individual Medley
  • Diving from the side of the pool


Private Lessons, Semi-Private or Small Group Lessons:

Have a pool in your backyard or in your neighborhood? Anne Sievers and her staff of instructors will come to you at your pool or your neighborhood to teach all levels of swimmers. Anne has taught swim lessons for over 15 years in Columbia and St. Louis. She has taught hundreds of kids to swim in Columbia. She also helps others to advance their skills to the next level as competitive swimmers with skills that earn them college scholarships. As a former USA national team swimmer and Mizzou swim coach, Anne has worked with all athletes at all levels. Our coaches and instructors have a passion for the sports and developing all skillsets in the pool.

All Lessons are 1 Hour

   1 Lesson  4 Lessons  8 Lessons
 Private Lesson with Synergy Instructor    $110  $180
 Semi Private Lesson with Synergy Instructor    $200  $300
 Private Lesson with Anne  $40  $140  $240
 Group Lesson with Anne (2-4 swimmers)    $260  $480
 Group Lesson with Anne (5-6 swimmers)      $720