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Welcome to the Synergy Sports Swim Team at West Broadway Swim Club. The purpose of our swim team is to provide a nurturing team environment and coaching to guide athletes toward their maximum development in the pool. Our program is built around stroke development, goal achievement and the pursuit of personal growth on all levels of swimming. Anne Sievers, Nikki Wilson and their staff of coaches train all our swimmers to develop all 4 of the competitive strokes with stroke technique being one of the most important aspects of our training.

We push our athletes to develop individually in the sport of swimming in a team atmosphere. We are a team that teaches the basics of competitive swimming while working to improve technique. This is the first introduction competitive swimming that is fun yet structured environment. The focus is to improve on all 4 competitive strokes, starts, turns and improvement on endurance. Through our program, all swimmers will increase their proficiency and overall skill level. Synergy Swimming is a for swimmers ages 5 and up that can swim at least 1 lap of the pool. We encourage all swimmers to come to at least 2 practices a week.

The league requires that all families must be members of the pool they are training at and competing for in the summer. WBSC has 2 options for membership.

• You can be a West Broadway Member. This is your best option as you are able to receive all that WBSC has to offer. The club is open 12:00-­9:00pm Monday through Friday and 11:00am-­9:00pm on the weekends. A full membership to WBSC is $430.

• You can be a Synergy Member. This membership has limitations but allows you to participate in programming that occurs in the morning hours. This membership is $100.

Swim Team is $80 per swimmer plus the $7 Show-Me Conference fee.

Season Length:

May 28th-July 9th

Our first practice will be Thursday, May 28th. We will practice every Monday-Friday morning throughout the season. There is an option for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday pm practices. Our final TEAM practice will be on Monday, July 6th. Only the swimmers that qualify for the All-Star meet will participate in practices on Tuesday (7/7) and Wednesday (7/8).

Practice Schedule

New for the 2020 summer season are the assigned morning practice times. To ensure the best practice opportunities for everyone on our team, we are dividing the practices into two groups.

We are also expanding our evening practice adding Thursday pm. Evening practice times will be assigned by age as well to ensure we have the swimmers training to the best of their ability with our two lanes. There is a $25 PM practice fee per family for the summer.

AM Practices:
9 & Under AM Practices:

Monday-Thursday 9:00-10:00am
Friday 8:30-10:00am

10 & Up AM Practices:
Monday-Thursday 7:45-9:00am
Friday 8:30-10:00am

PM Practices:
9 & Under PM Practices:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-6:30pm^

10 & Up PM Practices:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:30-7:30pm^

^ $25 PM practice fee per family for the summer.

Swim Meet Schedule 2020:

June 3rd           HOME vs. BC
June 10th          HOME vs. SW
June 17th          HOME vs.MAC
June 24th         HOME vs. Old Hawthorne/Macher
July 1st             HOME vs. CCMO

Swim Meets start at 5:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. 
Warm-Ups for Home meets at 4:00 pm and Away meets at 4:30 pm

July 6th            HOME District Meet
July 9th            ALL-STAR Meet at Hickman (Qualifiers Only)

Swim Team Groups

Beginner Group — The Novice Group is an entry-level group of beginning 5 to 7 year olds who are new to summer league swimming who still need quite a bit of in-water instruction but can swim on their own. They can swim one lap of the pool but not necessarily in all 4 strokes. They will be introduced to starts and turns as well. Our Novice group swimmers are encouraged to participate in the league meets throughout the season but are not required too. (Holly)

Advanced Beginner Group — Age Group transitions swimmers from introductory competitive swimmers to more experienced swimmers.  Age Group swimmers are typically 7-12 years old with a good understanding of all four competitive strokes, starts and turns. These swimmers are the ones that enjoy swimming in the summer without the pressure of competitive swimming. We encourage our Advanced Beginner  Group to practice 3 days a week to get the most that they can out of the short summer league season. (Jared)

Advanced Group — The Advanced Age Group consists of highly developed swimmers 8 years old and up who are currently competitive swimmers looking to advance in the training aspects of swimming and continue to improve their technique during the season with the opportunity to compete in a fun environment. This group will get to train with Anne specifically as she also coordinates with Columbia Swim Club coaches on things this athletes need to work on in the pool. 

2020 Swimming FAQ

Quick Reference for most questions

When, Where and What time do I practice:
All practices are held at the West Broadway Swim Club.

What do the swimmers do at practices:
The swimmers will mostly swim. At the WBSC there is at least one coach per two lanes. The coaches will work on drills to improve their strokes, work on starts, turns and streamlines as well as encourage the swimmers to develop into better overall swimmers. We will have lots of fun too we promise.

Swim Meets:
The first swim meet of the season will be on Wednesday, June 3rd. The schedule of the meets is listed above. Parents should not have to worry about what events their swimmers should swim. The coaches will help the swimmers decide what events they should compete.

Meet Update & End of the Season Changes:
We will again having 5 reagular season dual meets. We will be hosting 4 home meets this year. The entire schedule is listed above.

The District Meet & Show-Me All-Star Meet will wrap-up the season. WBSC will be hosting the District meet on Monday, July 6th. Our District is MAC, Parks & Rec,Southwest and WBSC. The Show-Me Conference Championship Meet will be held on Thursday, July 9th at Hickman High School.

Does everyone get to compete at the Show-Me Conference Championships:
Swimmers must qualify for the Championship Meet. The top 6 swimmers from each District will automaticaly qualify. The next 6 times will be selected as At-Large participants. WBSC will also put 2 relays in each age group to compete as well. A team champion will be crowned at the Show-Me Conference Championships.

Do 6 & Unders score at Championships:
The 6 & Under swimmers will compete at the District Championships. A High Point winner will be awarded on both the boys & girls side. 6 & Unders will not compete at the Show-Me Conference Championships unless they compete on a 7-8 relay.

Are parents required to help at swim meets and practices:
In order to run a successful meet each and every parent is needed to help us with the many volunteer positions that we have to fill each meet. We will need a parent volunteer coordinator this summer to head this up. The specific jobs will be covered at the parent meeting the first practice in May. It takes up to 50 volunteers to run a home meet.

As for practices, parents get to sit back and relax or drop the kids off. The coaches will handle everything that goes into a practice.

What are Fun Fridays:
We will practice a bit, break up into groups and play a game and then we will get together (hopefully with a bagel or donut) and hand out the awards from the meets.

Coaches Bios:

Anne Sievers:
Anne Sievers has been involved in the sport of swimming for most of her life and has been a swim coach for over 20 years, 10 of which have been coaching summer league teams in Columbia. She has taught hundreds of kids to swim while helping others to advance their skills to the next level as competitive swimmers. During her 5 years coaching at Mizzou she helped the Tigers earn top-25 rankings for the first time in school history along with several individual swimmers qualifying for the NCAA championships. Sievers brings a passion for the sport and developing all athletes of all levels in the pool!

As a swimmer, Sievers began competing in Illinois at the age of 8 before moving onto swim at the University of Michigan. As a swimmer, Sievers was a 10-time All-American, 5-time Big Ten Champion being named “Female Athlete of the Year” her senior season. She is the only athlete in Illinois swimming history to be named “Illinois Swimmer of the Year” on four separate occasions. She held numerous state records with some still standing today. On the international level, Sievers represented the United States on multiple occasions on several national teams. She was a finalist at the US. Olympic Trials in 1992 and 1996, narrowly missing the Olympic Team in 1996.

Nikki Wilson:
Nikki Wilson began working in fitness in Columbia back in 2012 with FIT and Wilson’s Fitness. At this time, I began to develop their kickboxing program and train group and individual clients. She then took over the MAC Sharks swim team in 2016 when Anne started coaching at WBSC. Nikki has a passion for swimming and especially summer swim league. Nikki joined a summer swim league as a little kid and her experience with the summer swim league led to her to join Rockwood Swim Club in St. Louis. Childhood athletics and especially swimming taught her numerous life lessons. Nikki says she coached summer league in hopes she can give the amazing experiences she received back to the next generation of kids. She strives for all my swimmers to improve their skills, learn sportsmanship, and have fun all summer!

Lena Coon:
Lena is a senior at Hickman High School. She has been around the sport of swimming since a young age. Lena swam for Anne back at the MAC as well as Columbia Swim Club. This will be Lena's second year coaching the Dolphins. She has a passion for the water and wants to help instill that in all swimmers who are interested in competing at whatever level in the pool that may be.

Katherine Sievers:
Katherine is a freshman at Rock Bridge High School. She swam summer league up until 2018 at the MAC and WBSC. Katherine spends her time in the water with the beginner swimmers. She loves teaching them their strokes, continuing to make them comfortable in the water and with competing. Katherine will be returning for her second year as a Dolphins coach.