Who are we, and what do we do?

Synergy Sports & Fitness is a multipurpose training facility that trains young athletes and adults through targeted Sports Performance training. SSF works with ANYONE looking to achieve their goals on the field, on the court, or in the gym. Athletes careers evolve and goals change, however, one consistent goal is the demand to stay at the top of their game and to continue to push to new levels. SSF will challenge and push each athlete and adult to unlock their full potential while avoiding or recovering from injury. 

Why is Team Training Important?

Raise your game or take your team to the next level. Our sports performance team training provides individualized training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands. Each athlete is going to advance at different levels throughout team training, but each athlete will gain improvements off of the field, which will then mean more gains on the athletic pitch.


Synergy Fitness and Training is about developing the whole athlete! Whether it is the off season, during the season or summer conditioning, our Synergy Coaches will get your team ready and keep them improving throughout the season. Teams that work together off the field, court or pool only become better as a team as a whole.

Our philosophy is based around three primary areas:

  1. Quality Coaching – It is our belief that a quality coach is the key to any successful training program. It is our responsibility to learn what drives you and brings the best out of you each and every workout.
  2. Purposeful Programming – It is important that a class or training program meets the individual needs of its participants or athlete. Our ultimate goal is to maximize individual end results, prevent injury, keep workouts fresh and enjoy the process.
  3. Comprehensive Approach – A total body approach is what athletes need in order to meet their full potential. For our athletes we will focus on mobility, power, overall strength, speed, agility, linear movements and energy system development.

In our team training sessions we cater our training to fit the needs of your team. We focus on linear and multi-directional movements, explosive power needed for specific sports, endurance needed in all sports, speed work and strength. We use bands, sleds, ladders, hurdles, medicine balls and do box jumps and weights to help every member of your team become a better athlete.

Several teams are currently training with Synergy Fitness and Training such as Columbia Select, Columbia Swim Club, Columbia Magic, Columbia Panthers, Flying Tigers Volleyball, Galaxy Elite and St. Louis Chaos. We can work around your teams schedule when training them. 

Synergy Fitness and Training would also like to offer your team the opportunity to experience the Vertimax. The Vertimax System helps elevate any athlete’s ability to create more power, generate more force, jump higher and increase acceleration on the field. Once this training system is combined with other agility and strength work – there is no stopping your teams progress and success.

Please take a look at your teams schedule and we can get them in and training. Let us help your team get stronger, faster and better on the field! Please contact us at fitness@synergysportsmo.com or call 573-449-4111 ext. 4 for more information or to schedule an appointment.