Adult Training

Our ultimate goal in the launch of our adult programming is to help you reach a new and sustainable level of fitness! Our team of coaches is here to support your fitness journey whether it is to lose weight, move better, get stronger, or just to improve your overall health. We want to help you meet any training or fitness goals you have in 2020!

Strength training is the foundation of our programs. You will get dedicated instruction and motivation while building strength, gaining flexibility and improving your overall health. In your training sessions, you will use a variety of equipment, like TRX straps, kettlebells, sleds, dumbbells, battle ropes, slam balls and much more. 

Personal Training:

With our personal training packages, we will work with our clients in a one-on-one training environment. In our first session, we will access your goals and what your workouts will look like moving forward. Everyone's sessions will be different to ensure you are getting exactly what you want from your workouts.

Small-Group Training:

Small-Group sessions are for 2 to 12 members at a time. These sessions are typically put together with friends, co-workers, spouses, or neighbors. We will use a variety of equipment and work to meet the needs of everyone in a group setting. Help yourself to reach your full potential in a fun environment with people working hard alongside you. 

Bootcamp Classes:

Are you looking for a new fitness challenge? Our Bootcamps are a great way to get your heart rate going, shed pounds and have fun while doing it! In an energetic, group setting, our coaches will deliver a dynamic, high-intensity experience. Your body will be fired up with this engaging metabolic blast that builds lean muscle and ignites your energy. Get stronger, leaner, and more athletic with our Bootcamp Class!

Elementary, Middle School & High School Training

4th & 5th Graders

Broad Based athletic development is our goal for athletes in elementray school.

Speed & Agility
Body Weight Strength Training

Jr. High Classes

Our primary focus is on increasing speed, agility and the basic concepts of strength training. We will start to raise an athlete’s competitive edge at this level! Our focus for the winter months will be on:

Speed, Quickness & Agility. 
Strength Training
Flexibility, Mobility, Stability
Reaction Time Drills
Recovery & Injury Prevention
Progress Tracking

High School Training

Time to get bigger, stronger and faster. Time to make gains! We will build speed and explosiveness along with overall strength gains. For our girls, we will continue to focus on our ACL specific training so we can do our best to avoid ACL injuries. Our goal this offseason is to take each players game to the next level! Our focus this winter will be on:

Speed, Power & Explosiveness
Strength Training & Plyometric Training
Agility & Change of Direction
Flexibility, Mobility, Stability
Recovery & Injury Prevention
Reaction Time Drills
Progress Tracking
Corrective Exercises

Agility and Strength Workouts:

Each workout will begin with a warm-up, band work and an ab warm-up. We will then move into our agility work followed by the strength portion. The agility/reaction and strength work will be split fairly evenly. We will end every workout with about 5 minutes of ab work and stretching.

Agility or Reaction work will vary with each workout. We will do cone drills, speed ladders, hurdles, balance ball work, etc. It will either be a circuit we run them through, or it will be specific exercises for that workout group.

For the strength portions of the workouts we will break things down based on the number of workouts a week they attend. If your athlete comes 1 day a week, we will do full-body training in the strength portion of their workout. If your athlete trains 2 days a week, we will do one day of upper body strength work and one day of leg strength. If you athlete comes 3 days a week or more, we will do one day of upper body work, one day of leg work that is focused on both legs and a second day of leg work that is single leg based.